What We Love About The Siesta Key Village: A Local Guide

It’s the start of the new year, a time full of introspection, optimism, and change. Nevertheless, one thing never changes - the Siesta Key Village’s charm and delight.  In this January issue, we take you on a local guide’s journey, dissecting what makes Siesta Key Village the best Beach Village on earth!

Walkability and Convenience

Credit: DwellRealEstate.com

As a Siesta Key Native, I revel in the ability to walk around my little village. Enjoying each pace taken on the brick sidewalk, I observe the quaint buildings, the cruising cars, and the joyful people soaking up the cozy sunshine.
When I mean “walkability” I mean the convenience of getting to where you need to go while enjoying your journey there! Want to grab a cup of joe on the way back from purchasing an extra beach towel at the famous Beach Bazaar? No problem. Mojo Risin’ Coffee has some of the best coffee in Sarasota right down the road. Are you feeling like you need some rest and relaxation? No issue, check out Hands of Light Massage Therapy just down the road. Restaurants? You can practically fall into one there are so many.
Passing by the island people you’ll recognize “island time” is a real thing. Moving at a consistent, leisurely pace with no intention of speeding up in response to pressing deadlines and upcoming meetings. Here at the Siesta Key Village, we welcome you to lean back while walking. And, sure, you may be walking forward but there is nothing stopping you from meandering into a homemade ice cream shop on the way.

Atmosphere - Night Life & Day Life

Credit: Visit Sarasota County

Now, as you are walking around the village at 11:00 PM in the morning you pass by the Sunday-Morning Farmers Market at the Siesta Key Plaza. Various local items are being sold, handmade soap, fresh vegetable juice, hand-poured candles, etc. You meander through the vendors before a Jack Johnson song catches your ear. You recognize it as his hit “Banana Pancakes” as you gravitate towards the sounds. You end up in a cute island restaurant called “The Hub”. It’s been here for quite a while serving homemade nachos, fish tacos, and craft margaritas. You enjoy a nice meal sinking into the live music. 

This is what quaint Siesta Key day life is made of. 

Now for the Nightlife.

After a long day at the beach, you decide to spend the evening in the village. Looking for a cool drink you head to the Daiquiri Deck to enjoy one of their world-renowned Daiquiris. It is fresh and refreshing after a long day at the beach. Enjoying their open, dock-like seating you enjoy the ability to watch both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Orlando Magic at the same time. After enjoying a couple of drinks during the cool night time you decide to head over to Gilligan’s, an island serving fresh bites out of a VW bus. You spot a fire pit on the back porch with outside seating, and a full band performs on the front porch but you decide to keep it cozy tonight. You enjoy the company of family or friends next to the fire accompanied by a fresh fish taco. 
If you enjoy “Night” nightlife, there is plenty of that. Dance the night away at The Beach Club until 2:00 AM or enjoy “Girl’s Night Out” at Gilligan’s every Thursday!


Credit Rachel Brown Hackney - Siesta Sand

Siesta Key Village’s biggest strength is often overlooked - its size. Just as Goldilocks said, not too big and not too small. On the outskirts of the Village, we have the Old Salty Dog, a Siesta Key beach bar staple featured on the Food Network, and on the other side, we have the Foxy Lady boutique store (check out our favorite Siesta Key apparel shops here).
The distance between these two places is a little over 0.4 miles. Far enough to keep you interested and short enough to keep the Village quaint. Biking along Ocean blvd, you can dive into various side streets such as Avenida Merida to enjoy a hearty breakfast at the locally-loved Sun Garden Café, but the dead end of shops encourages you to head back to Ocean Blvd. 
That’s what it’s about. Big enough to promote exploration but small enough to keep you from getting lost. 


Courtesy: The Cottage Facebook

One of the most underrated aspects of Siesta Key is the food. Although people come from all over the globe to enjoy our beach, we believe the food is right up there as well. Mostly fish-forward cuisine, the Village has boomed with some of the best seafood in Florida. While the Cottage serves expressive and bright cuisine on Avenida, The Seafood Joint serves a casual affair highlighted by ultra-fresh seafood and nautical decor. 
Although seafood is king in Siesta Key, do not sleep on the other cuisines here. Restaurant Bonjour is a cozy French Cafe serving homemade crepes, Star Thai and Sushi serves delicious, handmade rolls and there are so many other restaurants that create yummy dishes. 

Say “Ahhh” and enjoy some delicious meals on the Key.

Take it from a local, Siesta Key Village is a hidden gem. Enjoy a day out in the winter breeze and the colorful, quaint buildings, and don’t forget to take a box home for your Tropical Beach home!