Siesta Key Sips, Sweets, and Savory Treats

As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through Siesta Key, local businesses are decking their halls and updating their menus with delightful seasonal treats. This Fall, we've scoured the island to bring you the best coffee shops with irresistible holiday and fall offerings. If you’re feeling snackish, we’ve also paired a pastry with the drink featured! Read below to find your newest favorite drink and treat combo.

Mojo Risin’ Coffee

Tasty Combo: Kerouac (Medium-Roasted Coffee) & Carrot Cake

Kickstart your Fall festivities at Mojo Risin’ Coffee, where the enticing aroma of medium-roasted coffee fills the air. Our top pick, the "Kerouac," pairs seamlessly with a slice of carrot cake. The bitter notes of the coffee enhance the spiced goodness of the carrot cake, creating a match made in flavor heaven. 

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, Mojo Risin’ boasts an array of holiday-inspired coffee flavors, from hazelnut to peppermint and mocha. And if you're over 21, don't miss out on their spirited creations like the Espresso Martini and Irish Coffee.

Bean Coffeehouse

Tasty Combo: Hot Americano & Cheese

For an Americano experience like no other, head to Bean Coffeehouse in Siesta Key. The Hot Americano finds its perfect companion in one of Bean Coffeehouse's cheesy delights. Whether you opt for an egg muffin sandwich or a freshly baked bialy sandwich, the rich Americano complements the savory goodness of the cheese. 

Locals also rave about the macadamia coffee and the daily pastry offerings, making Bean Coffeehouse a must-visit for your Fall flavor escapade.

Project Coffee

Tasty Combo: Mulled Caramel Apple & Caramel Apple Crack Bun

Indulge in the autumnal delights of Project Coffee, where every sip and bite tells a story of the season. Dive into their Fall-themed menu featuring the Mulled Caramel Apple paired with the decadent Caramel Apple Crack Bun. These harmonious creations share a palette, creating a symphony of fall flavors in every bite. 

Explore further with their Pumpkin Spice offerings or treats like the brown butter cookie. Project Coffee ensures there's something delightful for every mood and craving.

Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop

Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Opening its doors in the morning as a coffee shop, Captain Curt’s offers a unique selection of daily drink and pastry specials. 

Trust the locals; you're sure to find a tasty treat or two to complement your ideal fall drink. Sometimes, the best flavors are the ones that surprise you.

Tropical Beach Resorts

Looking for a quick cup of joe in the morning? Swing by the lobby and check out the coffee bar! We provide freshly brewed regular, decaf, and Jamaican Me Crazy coffee every single day! Plus, pair it with any of our snacks that are up for grabs. 

Whatever you choose to sip on and enjoy during the Fall season, it’s important to shop small and support the local businesses of Siesta Key! Tropical Beach is conveniently located in the heart of the beach town, giving you plenty of options and opportunities to embrace the small business culture of our town. Check out booking information and availability here!