Siesta Key Ice Cream Smackdown

​Siesta Key Ice Cream Smackdown

There’s nothing like enjoying a rich and delicious ice cream dessert on a warm spring day in Siesta Key, Florida. With many different delicious options in such a short radius, here’s the scoop on each ice cream parlor, why to go there, and their go-to treats.

Made in Rome Gelato

If you like ice cream - you'll absolutely love Siesta Key's favorite gelato! Made in Rome Gelato prides itself in using only the freshest, most sustainable ingredients to create authentic Italian gelato. Made in small batches, the gelato is made daily in-store and kept in 5 degrees Fahrenheit closed cases.

Boasting a 4.9-star rating on Google My Business and a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, Made in Rome confidently backs up its claim, “After trying our gelato, you may never want to eat regular ice cream again”.

Big Olaf

As mentioned in our previous blog, Siesta Key Village Bites, Big Olaf has been a staple of Siesta Key Village since 1982. All of Big Olaf’s ice cream is hand-mixed by local Amish craftsmen and churned in batch freezers. 

Aside from ice cream, Big Olaf’s produces homemade waffle cones, fudge, handspun milkshakes, and even smoothies!

Our recommendation? Order “The Trashcan” - vanilla ice cream with all types of treats mixed in!

Siesta Key Creamery

Claiming to produce Sarasota’s richest, highest quality ice cream, Siesta Creamery is a new contestant with roots in some of the most celebrated ice cream in Siesta Key. Nancy and Dennis Yoder, the original owners of the famous Big Olaf ice cream, are back making incredible homemade ice cream. In their 80s now, Dennis and Nancy are reliving their youth and their passions through ice cream. 

Ice cream is a way of life for the Yoders. Expressed through Dennis’s mantra, “If you can’t make a good vanilla, you really have no business working in ice cream”. Well said, Dennis. Well said.

Sub Zero

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream takes an innovative approach to the cold treat. Founder Jerry Hancock used liquid nitrogen as a way to freeze ice cream on the spot without any churning. The results? A delicious cream that is denser and fresher thanks to the liquid nitrogen limiting the amount of air within the ice cream. 
Experience the ice cream’s transformation from liquid to ice cream, to the finished product with toppings all in a matter of minutes. We recommend Sub Zero ice cream not just for the quality of its delicious treats, but also for the memorable experience.

Curly Cream

Curly Cream is Siesta Key’s original hand-rolled ice cream. Pledging to use the freshest ingredients, Curly Cream concocts some of the tastiest ice creams in Siesta Key. Often creating limited-edition flavors such as Peppermint Oreo for Christmas, or Strawberry Pop-Tart Rolls for spring, Curly Cream continues to push the envelope of hand-rolled treats!
Siesta Key is known for its beaches and seafood…but don’t forget the ice cream! Many of these cold treat shops can be found within Siesta Key Village. The closest to your Tropical Beach home? Siesta Key Creamery!