Marriage Proposal Ideas At The Beach

Thinking about proposing to your significant other? Congratulations! One of the most romantic ways to propose is on the beach. We know planning the details may feel a little nerve-racking, but don’t worry, we have you covered with a few ideas and tips on your day full of butterflies, tears (of joy), and “I do” below. Happy planning! 

What time?


Is your sweetheart an early bird? Proposing at sunrise can be a perfect way to celebrate your growing relationship. Here’s an idea: enjoy each morning of your vacation with a quiet sunrise walk. Then, on the morning of the proposal, go on your sunrise stroll as usual, and at the perfect time ask the question. Saying the words will bring a new beginning to your life and a new beginning to your day.

Sunset is always the perfect time to be thankful for another beautiful day. Capitalize on this feeling by making it official! We recommend an early fine dining experience at Siesta Key Summer House Steak & Seafood before heading for the shores. As the sunset falls, enjoy each other's company before asking the question of a lifetime. 
Pro tip: there is a drum circle every Sunday on the beach! Dance the night away in celebration or pop the question in the middle of the sunset circle!

Now how can you creatively pop the question?

Message in a Bottle

An oldie-but-goodie. This cute setup is sure to bring joyous smiles and maybe a couple of tears. This is what you do: 

On the day of the proposal, say you’re going to the store to grab a couple of items. On your journey to the “store” head to the beach and tuck in your love message, expressing how much you care about your significant other, in a small bottle. Tuck the bottle in a location where only you know where it is. Don’t lose it! Make sure you map out exactly where it is (by the lifeguard stand works well). 
Later on, “coincidentally” find it! As they read the letter, make sure to drop down on one knee and ask the question. How romantic!

Written in the Sand
Are you more into simplicity? Then you will love this classic method of woo’ing your partner. This works really well if you have a friend to help. Ask your friend to set up the scene as you get ready to walk the beach with your partner. 
They can write “Will You Marry Me” into the sand or spell it out with colorful sea shells. Either way, they can further decorate the display with flowers and maybe a picture of you two happily together. Your partner will surely be in for an exciting surprise during this stroll!

Helicopter or Airplane Banner

Are you more interested in extravagance? Then consider an airplane banner! 
There is nothing cooler than seeing your name in the sky. So, do it for the one you love the most! Don’t be surprised if you hear an  “OMG” and maybe a few happy tears too! 
Don’t forget to get on one knee for full effect!


We do not recommend proposing in the water. If there is any chance you may replace the ring, resort to another option. Trust us, no proposal is worth it if it includes a scavenger hunt for a lost and expensive item. 

We are so happy you’ve “dove” into the proposition of marriage! Remember to enjoy this magical time and have a fairytale ending!