Great Baby Beach Games For The Whole Family

Are you bringing your beautiful little one to a beach vacation? How exciting! We love seeing young children experience the beach, which is why we created a list of beach games that will bring unforgettable giggles and smiles. 

1. Sand Sensory 

Touch is one of the main senses we use to make sense of our surroundings. Exposure to various textures and temperatures increase a child's awareness for their surroundings. 
Make it fun! Gather various objects such as shells, dry sand, wet sand, seaweed, rocks and more. While engaging in sensory play, just make sure that you keep an eye out just in case your baby mistakes any of the items for food. 

2. Beach Ball Ballooza!

Rolling and bouncing balls always seems to catch the imagination of young ones. Chasing, grabbing, throwing balls are all interactions that keep children engaged. Next time you walk down to the beach, bring a couple variations of balls that are light and bright colors, your baby will surely want to interact with them and use their imagination. 
Ensure the balls are large enough so your little one doesn’t feel tempted to put them in their mouth.

Buried Treasure!

Arggh! Where’s the booty? 
Create a little treasure map and place objects where you can easily find them. Accidentally “find” the treasure map and explore the mysteries revealed. As you go around, reveal the various objects to your little one and express a sense of wonder and surprise. Your child is sure to enjoy letting their mind run wild on this adventure!

3. CAUTION: Construction Zone

A classic way to instill creativeness within a child is emphasizing the sense of building. On the beach you can create masterpieces with the malleable sand around you! Teach your child how to utilize water to create useful sand for building. From there, you can finish the work of art with dry sand, sticks, and shells for ornamentation. Your child is sure to find wonder in earth’s natural Play-Doh field.

Things to keep in mind!

1. Apply Sunscreen Regularly!

Keeping your child’s skin protected is a top priority. Apply plenty of 50 SPF or above sunscreen to ensure a safe and fun experience. Reapply periodically and add a wide-brimmed hat for good measure! 

2. Stay hydrated!

Dehydration is a danger during these hot, humid months. Ensure your child's safety by bringing plenty of fluids and promoting a frequent drinking schedule.

3. Water Safety!

Staying close to your little ones as they approach/enter the water is crucial. Always provide life vests to your little ones as they enter the water with you. The ocean can be an amazing experience as long as safety is honored.

At Tropical Beach Resorts, the safety of our guests is of top priority. Fill your child with wonder and excitement as you experience these playful activities together.