10 Crafts To Showcase Your Shells

Did you know June 20th marks the first day of summer and National Seashell Day? For those lucky enough to be near Crescent Beach in Siesta Key, it's a perfect opportunity to collect seashells. If you're like us and love gathering these colorful treasures, you might be looking for creative ways to use them. Here are ten fantastic seashell crafts to inspire you.

1. Mermaid Crown

If you have kids or dream of being a mermaid yourself, this magical craft is perfect for you. DIY shell or mermaid crowns are whimsical and make the best beach accessories. 

For a full step-by-step tutorial, check out HGTV’s guide here.

2. Seashell Picture Frames

Enhance your home decor with a DIY seashell picture frame that beautifully displays your favorite beach memories! These unique pieces are the perfect way to showcase your beach treasures and the special moments attached to them. Create a coastal vibe in your home and bring a piece of the beach indoors with these charming, easy-to-make seashell frames.

You can find a full tutorial here.

3. Driftwood and Shells Wind Chimes

These whimsical wind chimes are an impressive DIY statement piece to showcase your beach finds. Use a piece of driftwood or wooden embroidery hoops for a circular display. These wind chimes are fully customizable to suit your design needs and are a fun way to show off your creativity. 

For more inspiration and helpful tips, check this guide here.

4. Resin Shell Coasters

We have the perfect project if you’re familiar with resin crafts or want to try one. Resin shell coasters are unique and make excellent gifts. They preserve the beauty of your shells while serving a practical purpose. 

Check out Hobbies On A Budget’s tutorial here to learn how to create these coasters.

5. Seashell Planters

Plant lovers and garden enthusiasts can use this craft to create stylish planters for their favorite house plants. You can transform ordinary pots into beautiful decor with just some terra cotta planters, hot glue, and shells. 

For an extra crafty touch, check out HGTV’s tutorial for shell-studded hanging planters here.

6. Framed Seashell Art

The possibilities for framing your seashells are endless. Space them out for a simple display or create intricate art with your shells. Hang it on your wall to admire your favorite finds! For this tutorial, we chose a simple heart shape. 

Check out the full tutorial and material list at Feeling Nifty here.

7. Seashell Roses

Seashell roses make beautiful decorations and gifts. For the best results, choose petal-shaped shells. These elegant flowers can be a sophisticated addition to your home or a heartfelt gift.

Follow a detailed tutorial and explore designs here.

8. Seashell Critters

This craft is a favorite for children, especially animal lovers. Combine clay and shells to create adorable critters. This activity encourages creativity and results in charming keepsakes. 

Find a full tutorial from Crafts By Amanda here.

9. Beach Themed Gel Candles

Whether you’re an experienced candle maker or a beginner, these beach-themed gel candles are a fun and unique project. They bring a warm, nautical feeling to your home and make thoughtful gifts. 

Follow experienced crafter Allison Murray’s tutorial here.

10. Seashell and Succulent Terrarium

A seashell terrarium is an elegant way to display your shells. Use live air plants, succulents, or fake plants for easy maintenance. For this project, it’s best to source sand from a craft store to preserve our beautiful beaches. 

Find inspiration and tutorials here.

And there you have it, our favorite ten crafts to use your cherished seashells! When collecting shells, always check to ensure they aren’t already inhabited and return those to the water. Book your Tropical Beach stay to experience a laid-back escape in paradise. Happy shelling!